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How to Recruit Professionals
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 3 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • Learn what Professionals are looking for to increase revenues in their business.
  • Learn the 5 types of Professionals.
  • Discover unique ways to prospect Professionals.
  • Discover over 25 different ways to approach Professionals .
  • Learn which words to use and which words to avoid with Professionals.
  • Discover the Psychology behind recruiting Professionals.
  • Plus much more!


Conversation-Based Recruiting
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • The Psychology of Conversation in Recruiting.
  • How to turn every Conversation into a Recruiting Magnet.
  • The 4 steps to Conversation Based Recruiting.
  • Learn Powerful Ice Breakers.
  • Discover Magnetic Transition Phrases.
  • How to turn a Conversation to a Million Dollar Moment.
  • Plus much more!


How to Conquer Call Reluctance
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • The 5 different types of Call Reluctance.
  • The Psychology of Call Reluctance.
  • The 5 Main Causes of Call Reluctance.
  • The 4 steps on Conquering Call Reluctance.
  • The Role other people play in this problem.
  • How to make the telephone your best friend.
  • Learn the Secret of AFYHMY!
  • Discover how to shatter the emotional barriers that stop you from making calls.
  • Plus much more!


How to Never Get An
Objection Again
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • The Secret of the "Pre-Objection."
  • The Power of Pre-Objection Phrases. and Questions The Core of Objections and how to Stop them dead in their tracks.
  • Three Step process of the Pre-Objection.
  • 15 Phrases and Questions that stop Objections before they show up.
  • The Financial Model Pre-Objection.
  • The Millionaire Body and Telephone Language that stalls objections .
  • The 4 Objection Minimizers.
  • Plus much more!


The 22 Immutable Laws of Recruiting
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • The Law of Perspective and why many have the wrong one for Recruiting
  • The Law of Verbiage and how your words are not just heard but FELT.
  • The One Mistake that most people make in their Recruiting efforts- the Law of Minimal Results.
  • The Law of The CODE- how to break the Success CODE in Recruiting
  • The Law of Presence and why it determines 80% of tour Success in the begining of every conversation.
  • Plus much more!




Partnership Recruiting
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • To understand why the prospect desires to partner with you every step of the process.
  • Why and how the prospect will let you know when you are getting close to recruiting them as a partner.
  • What every prospect is looking for and why partnership is required.
  • The 10 phrases that talk "Partnership Language."
  • The 4 step process of how to be "partnering with the prospect."
  • What to say to psychologically draw the prospect towards you and perceive you as the ultimate partner.
  • How to turn every prospect into a "partner in the process!"
  • Plus much more!




How to Succeed with Difficult Prospects & Distributors
~Advanced Training Series~

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will:

  • Discover the psychology behind difficult prospects.
  • Learn the truth behind why prospects can be so difficult.
    Discover the 4-step process of succeeding with Difficult Prospects.
  • Learn the 5 different types of Difficult Prospects.
  • Learn the Power Phrases that turn Difficult Prospects into Powerful Distributors.
  • Learn the single biggest reason why some distributors can be difficult.
    Learn how to turn a difficult Distributor into a Powerful Leader.
  • Learn what the “Leadership Trump Card” is.
  • Learn how to protect your team and lead them to success.
  • Plus much more!


Reigniting Your Leader's
Burned Out Heart
~Advanced Training Series~

Many a Leader gets burned out after a while, but they often set themselves up for it unknowingly. How do you handle a Leader that has "hit the wall" and feels like walking away form the business?

In this amazing series you will find:

  • What creates Burn out in Your Leader.
  • The signs of impending Burn out with your Leader.
  • What the Leader does NOT need to hear now.
  • The realities of pressure and tension in Leadership.
  • How to re-ignite the Leader’s passion step by step.
  • How to refuel the Leader with ”Success Fuel."
  • How to avoid your Leader getting burned out again.
  • Plus much more.


How To Develop a Million Dollar
Telephone Presence
~Advanced Training Series~

80% of your Success in network marketing and direct sales will come from your Telephone Presence. It is the single most powerful tool you have in your mastery of communication. It is not what people are hearing that matters as much as what they are FEELING over the telephone from you.

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will Discover:

  • The Secret to emotions that can destroy your Presence.
  • The Psychology of your Telephone Presence.
  • What the prospect needs to feel from you and NOT feel from you.
  • How to develop a Success Presence that is Magnetic.
  • How to "Program your Presence" for explosive results.
  • The words you can say to the prospect to connect your Presence to them.
  • How to develop step by step a Million Dollar Presence.
  • Plus much more.


What To Do When You
"Just Can't Do This
Business Anymore..."
Advanced Training Series

What do YOU do when you start doubting whether you can go on in this business? Most Leaders get to this point sometime in their career with little exception. How can you "come back from an emotional set back?" This is what this series teaches - how to get yourself back on FIRE with Success and Leadership – step by step.

IN THIS 2 CD SERIES you will Discover:

  • How to spot the signs of burning out in yourself.
  • The psychology behind what you are feeling.
  • The Power of "Favorites."
  • The 4 step process of setting you back on FIRE with Success in your business.
  • How to increase your Leadership skills during this time.
  • How to "reconnect' with the hope and possibilities of Success in your business.
  • PLUS a SOAK CD with 14 Power Tracks of Training including music behind each track.
  • And Much More!


PowerTALK Scripts Course ~
Manual and 2 CD Set with Over 250 Scripts

IN THIS Manual and 2 CD SERIES you will Discover:

  • Over 250 Power Scripts.
  • The Ultimate Communication Source for Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals.
  • Whether on the phone or in person, with Cold or Warm Market, never be at a loss for words again.
  • Start PowerTALKing today and watch your business explode!

WealthSoak Monthly Series


Wealth SOAK Volume Three

IN THIS 2 CD SERIES you will Discover:

  • Discover how you can change the model of life you are living to one you are loving.
  • Discover the "Success F.A.C.E. Lift" and how to create that in your efforts.
  • Learn how to break through the "FEAR Zone" and your negative emotional attachments to Wealth and Success.
  • Learn the secret of "Idea Grenades" and how to explode them into your Success Walk.
  • Learn how to discover the REAL YOU and move past the Programmed You regarding Wealth and Success.
  • And Much More!


Wealth SOAK Volume Two

IN THIS Manual and 2 CD SERIES you will Discover:

  • Discover the 3 Wealth Levels and how you obtain them.
  • Learn the True Wealth Model and how to integrate it into your Success.
  • Discover what New Wealth Knowledge is and why this is THE Secret to Wealth and Success Creation in all you do.
  • Learn "The PATH" and how the Wealthy and Successful have walked it.
  • Learn the Ultimate Paradigm Shift that most people never make in their life that changes EVERYTHING in their life.
  • And Much More!


Wealth SOAK Volume One

IN THIS 2 CD SERIES you will Discover:

  • How to override the Your Aquired Wealth Knowlege with Powerful New Wealth Knowlege - through SOAKING.
  • W.A.S.H. - Wealth And Success Honesty will SOAK and cleanse you of Negative Emotional Attachments to Money.
  • Discover the role Money plays in Your Life and doesn't play.
  • Discover how past dinner conversations may be holding your wealth hostage.
  • Learn the Power of the "Wealth I.D." that you carry with you unknowingly.
  • And Much More!
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IN THIS CD you will Discover:

  • Discover the Truth about why most people end up struggling through life.
  • Learn the Power of Success Acceleration that lies within you.
  • Discover why most people settle for less in life and are taught to do that.
  • Discover the One Secret that rarely is taught, but the Highly Successful know.
  • Create a New Confidence in everything that you do just by listening to this CD on a daily basis.
  • And Much More!


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The Millionaire Road ~ Treasury ONE

IN THIS 4 CD SERIES you will Discover:
  • The Power of Wealth Barriers
  • The Personal Wealth Transformation System
  • The 5 Wealth Influencers
  • The Wealth Graph
  • The 4 Wealth Lifestyle Models
  • The Power of Thinking,
  • Decisions and Actions
  • Inner Wealth vs. Outer Wealth
  • And Much More!
Item# TMRCD001 - $74.95


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The Millionaire Road ~ Treasury TWO

IN THIS 4 CD SERIES you will Discover:

  • The Power of Your Wealth Environment
  • The Secret of the Goldfish
  • Did You Pass the Wealth Test?
  • The Power Found in Blue Wealth
  • The Secret Patterns of Red Wealth
  • The 5 Dominant Factors of Wealth
  • The Wealth Path
  • And Much More!
Item# TMRCD002 - $74.95

The Secrets Series


What are the REAL Secrets of this business? In today's world, people want to know. With over 20 years of successful Network Marketing experience, Doug will instruct you on some of the most powerful, unique, and HOT secrets for Success in this business - one at a time! These trainings are FRESH and contain information that you just cannot get anywhere else!



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The Secrets of Approaching Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

In this CD you will learn the Secrets to:

  • What to Say to People When Standing in Line
  • Discover Phrases that NEVER Get a Negative Response
  • Revealed Are the Questions that DRAW People Towards You
  • Learn How to Start a Conversation and Get People to Want to Talk to You
  • Discover the Secret of the Spotlight
  • And Much Much More!

Item # PFSS008 - $19.95


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The Secrets of Successful Home Meetings

In this CD you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Learn the Step by Step Process of a Hugely Successful Home Meeting
  • Learn How to Double Your Show Ups
  • Learn the Question That Will Double Your Sign Ups
  • Discover How to Get People to Help You
  • Learn the 3 Things that Will Kill Your Business
  • Discover the Power of the "Host Mentality"
  • And Much Much More
Item # PFSS009 - $19.95


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The Secrets of The 10 Commandments of the Approach

In this CD you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Learn the Secret of the Connection
  • Learn Why People DO NOT Want to be Approached
  • Discover the Ultimate Question for People
  • Revealed Are the 3 NEVER's in Your Approach
  • Discover the Power of Intentions
  • Plus Much Much More!
Item # PFSS010 - $19.95


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The Secrets of The Psychology of the Approach

In this Powerful Secrets CD:

  • Learn the Secrets of Why People Get Negative Responses
  • Discover the Power of Communication Filters
  • Learn How Emotions Can Empower or Destroy Your Approach
  • Revealed Are the Psychological Aspects of Words
  • Are You Making the BIG 3 Mistakes in Approaching
  • And Much More!


Item # PFSS007 - $19.95


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The Secrets of Approaching Professionals and Business Owners

In this Powerful Secrets CD:

  • Learn the Phrases that Turn Business Owners OFF!
  • Discover the Words that Guarantee a Conversation
  • Revealed Are What Business Owners Are Looking For
  • Discover the TOP 5 Questions to Ask Business Professionals
  • Discover the Power of The DRILL DOWN
  • Discover How To Get Any Business Owner to Talk To You About Network Marketing
  • And Much More!


Item # PFSS006 - $19.95

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The Secrets of
The Psychology of Money

In this CD you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Why Many People Don't Earn Much Income in Network Marketing
  • Discover Why Their Emotions and Past Experiences Work Totally Against Their Business
  • Doug Powerfully Reveals the Cause of Mental Money Barriers and How to Conquer Them
  • Your Relationship with Money
  • Discover the Silent Signals You Send About Money
  • Plus Much More!
Item# PFSS001 - $19.95


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The Secrets of Conquering Negativity

In this CD you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Breaking Through the Barriers of Negative People
  • Understanding the Impact of Negative People on Your Business, Thinking, and Emotions
  • The Seven Realities of Negative People
  • The Psychology of Negative Environments
  • How to Break Through the Grip of Negative People and Make it Work for You!
  • The Best Responses to Conquer Negativity
Item# PFSS002 - $19.95


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The Secrets of The 12 Most Powerful Reasons for Having a Home Business

In this CD you will learn the Secrets to:

  • How to Share Why Network Marketing is for Today!
  • It will Reveal to You the Truth of the Future of Our Economy and Teach How to Simply Paint the Picture for Your Prospects
  • Why a Having Business from Home is "Success Insurance" for the Future
  • The Current Psychological State of Most People Regarding Their Careers and How to Make it Work for You
  • This CD will make you "Armed and Dangerous" and Empower You to NEVER Consider the Traditional Life Route Again!
Item # PFSS003 - $19.95


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The Secrets of The 12 Costliest Mistakes (Made in Network Marketing)

In this CD you will learn the Secrets of:

  • What the Wrong Perceptions Can Cost You
  • Listening for Gain, not Loss
  • The Myth of Working the Numbers
  • Dumping Instead of Presenting
  • What the Prospect is Looking For That You're Not Offering
  • The Cancer of Inconsistent Consistency
  • The Cost of Talking About the Wrong Things
  • Plus So Much More!
Item # PFSS004 - $19.95


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The Secrets of Making It Stick!

In this CD you will learn the Secrets of:

  • The 3 Major Causes of Attrition
  • The G.L.U.E. Factor
  • The Power of Getting Them Out of the Gate
  • The Psychology Behind Making It Stick!
  • Over 30 Strategies and Tactics to Increasing Distributor Retention Rates
  • The Power of a Forward Focused Group
  • Plus Much Much More!
Item # PFSS005 - $19.95

The Wisdom Series


Wisdom is priceless, and can only come from Gifting, failure and experience. In this one of a kind CD series, Doug instructs you in the most powerful way, on fresh  realities, concepts, principles, tactics, and lessons on MLM that are totally right for today. These CDs are unique, as each lesson track is recorded with a bed of moving music beneath to touch the emotions, but also open up the mind in ways that only music can. We call it "Heart Training," as it comes from the heart, it pours into the heart, to empower the listener with wisdom of the heart. These training CDs will transform you and help explode your business in ways that you never dreamed possible.

The Wisdom Series is brand new from PassionFire and is a life changing, stirring training series that will Re-Structure and Re-Ignite your heart for Massive Success and Achievement in Network Marketing and Life.



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The Heart of a Networker

In this Powerful Wisdom Series CD:

  • Doug takes you through 14 lessons on the Heart of Networking, and what it Truly Takes to Succeed
  • You will have a Clarity that most people never reach about Succeeding in MLM
  • You will learn about the the "Master Product"
  • Discover the "Million Dollar Word"
  • Learn the Power in Your Prospects Emotions
  • Unleash & Multiply the Power of Discipline


Item # PFWS101 - $19.95


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Reflecting Success

In this Powerful Wisdom Series CD:

  • Discover the Secret of the Inner Mirror
  • You will Learn to Identify What You're Reflecting
  • You will learn about Directing Your Reflecting
  • Discover the Success Reflection Law
  • Break the Mirror of Resistance
  • Discover the Secret of Projection
  • And Much More!


Item # PFWS102 - $19.95

Recruiting Tool

This less than 8 minutes long BRAND NEW Recruiting CD is especially developed for Maximum Recruiting Impact in a very brief time. It will touch your prospects and help move them towards making a change in their life with a Home Business. With moving music behind it, Doug paints a powerful picture of The Invisible Entrance they face everyday of their life: They either walk through the door of Success, or Less. Filled with compelling reasons and facts, it paints a vivid picture of what lies ahead for most people, and also the amazing life they could walk into. This CD will open their eyes and heart to move from Mediocrity... to MOST in life with their own Successful home business! Don't just recruit them into your business, recruit them into Massive SUCCESS!


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The Entrance - Recruiting Tool

Have you ever heard Doug Firebaugh teach on how to effectively communicate with your prospects? When you heard him in action did you think to yourself something along these lines, "If I could only talk to people like that, I'd be rich!"

Well now you literally have the opportunity to have Doug do the talking for you in his unique and powerful way! This compelling CD paints a powerful picture of the possibilities that you have to offer your prospect and promises to move people towards you and towards success!

These are available in packages of 5 CD's. Email us for volume orders of 25 or more. Entrance@PassionFire.com

Item # PFCD123
$24.95 for 5 CD Package

New Distributor Training


This 45 page PowerGuide manual will help simply guide you and your new distributors, from the very moment of enrolling, through your ciritical first two weeks in business and beyond. Through daily, bite-size chunks of activity, you will learn to avoid common landmines, and you will quickly create momentum in your new endeavor that will help catalize your business into success!




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A Hot Start - First 14 Days in
Network Marketing

You will learn:

  • Every aspect of getting off to a blazing start!
  • Doug's Secrets on the initial Path of Success
  • Learn the "Kick Off Meeting" Process
  • Discover the "Four Point System" - Planning your day for massive success!
  • Walking the Yellow Brick Road
  • How to Neutralize Negative Loved Ones
  • How to do a Magnetic Presentation
  • How to Get the Order Without Asking!
  • The Most Useful, Powerful 3-way Script Ever!
Item # PFPG100 - $22.00

The Industry's Most Powerful Network Marketing Leadership and Recruiting Tools

Welcome to the PassionFire Classics Product Store

MLM Training Tools CDs, Programs, and Resources-Network Marketing Training Products-The Classics Training Series - A Staple in Every Professional Networker's Business Building Library


MLM Training Tools CDs and Network Marketing Training Products, Programs, and Resources-The PassionFire Classics Trainings are an essential training collection for all serious Networkers, beginners as well as pros! These include the most unique, powerful and content-rich material you can find on MLM How To's, Systems, Strategies and Tactics. These series are part of the PersonalFire TransFormation System (sm) and will help ReStrucure you on the inside and outside for massive High Achievement!



Note: PFSingles and PFClassics are shipped as 2 completely different orders. They each ship from different fulfillment centers and have separate shipping charges.



Handling Network Marketing Objections Training

The Objections Course 101
How to Handle Any Objection

In this 2 CD Series you will learn:

  • How to neutralize any objection
  • Objection Phrases
  • Why People Object
  • The Psychology of Objections
  • The Top 20 Objections you'll get
  • More than 25 Tactics for Destroying Objections
  • Neutralize the Pyramid Objection Forever!
Item# DFCD006 - $49.95


Learn How To Generate Prospects for Your Network Marketing MLM Business

How to Create a Prospecting Tidal Wave - Creating a Flood of Leads
(Formerly Titled: "Recruiting Through the Eyes of a Leader")

In this 3 CD Series you will learn:

  • What Would it be Worth to You to Discover the Secrets to How Millionaires Prospect?
  • Do You Know How Leaders Create Prospects?
  • Do You Know There are Over 100 Leads Every Week in Your Newspaper?
  • Is What You Don't Know About Prospecting Costing You a Small Fortune
Item# DFCD008 - $49.95


Recruiting Secrets of Top Network Marketing Expert Doug Firebaugh

Secrets to Becoming a
Recruiting Magnet

In this 3 CD Series you will learn the Keys to:

  • Seeing vs. Looking
  • Having a T.I.N.Y. Focus
  • The Pressure Valve
  • Creating Magnetism
  • "Repel" and "Attract"
  • Building a Retirement Vehicle
  • And Much, Much More!
Item #DFCD018 - $49.95

Doug Firebaugh Reveals the Biblical Wisdom of Jesus Christ's  Principles, Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting and Building a Network Marketing Business

The Biblical Recruiting
Genius of Christ

In this 3 CD Series you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Christ's Success in Recruiting
  • The Power of His Connection
  • The Power of Building Super Rapport
  • Prospecting Beyond Sight
  • Principle of 2 X 2 Recruiting
  • Christ's Paradigm of Recruiting
  • And Much, Much More!
Item # DFCD004 - $49.95

Discover the Psychology of Recruiting Distributors for Your Multi-level Marketing Business

The Psychology of Recruiting
Featuring Doug Firebaugh & Ben Johnson

In this 6 CD Series you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Recruiting the 4 Personality Types
  • The Incredible Power of Presence
  • The 7 Psychology Recruiting Principles
  • Approach Through Application
  • Creating Extreme Curiosity
  • Master Recruiting Process
  • And More!
Item #DFCD020 - $69.95

Learn the Secrets of Recruiting Distributors, Handling Prospects Objections, Perfecting Your Presentations, Follow Up with Leads and Prospects, and Close Your Prospects in 30 Seconds Flat!

30 Seconds Flat University

In this amazing 6 CD Series you will learn:

  • The Psychological Aspects of Cold Calling
  • How to Make Friends Over the Phone in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Torch Any Objection in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Do a Presentation in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Follow Up in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Close Anyone in 30 Seconds Flat
Item # DFCD002 - $49.95

Personal Development

Network Marketing Training for Distributors to Prepare for Success

Getting Ready for W.A.R.
What's At Risk

In this 2 CD Series you will learn:

  • The True Cost of Your Thinking
  • The Influence of Your Past & Current Environment
  • Why People Think Negatively
  • The Psychology of Thinking
  • The Secret of Oblivious vs. Obvious
  • The Power of Generational Thinking
  • Strategies & Tactics to Transform Your Thinking
Item # DFCD021 - $49.95


Network Marketing and MLM Leadership for Building Your Downline

Unleashing the Leadership
in Your Downline
(Formerly Titled: "Igniting Leadership in
the Your Downline")

In this 3 CD Series you will learn:

  • The Three Leadership Styles
  • Identifying Potential Leaders
  • The Seven Golden Leadership Principles
  • Multiplying Your Leadership
  • Leadership Communication
  • Leadership Empowerment Strategies
  • Plus Much More!
Item# DFCD028 - $49.95

Personal Leadership Development for Building Your Network Marketing Business

Unleashing the Leader in You - Releasing Your Leadership Power
(Formerly Titled: "Igniting Leadership in
the Direct Marketer")

In this 3 CD Series you will learn:

  • The 3 Leadership Styles
  • What is a Leader - Are You a Leader?
  • The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • The 5 LEAP Leadership Principles
  • The Secrets to Leadership Empowerment
  • And Much More!
Item # DFCD022 - $49.95



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