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Article 78

Network Marketing Training- MLM Recruiting - The Power of One New Thought


Do you understand the Power of one new thought?

One new thought at the right time can change a life forever.

It changed business forever.

Ask Bill Gates.

Ask Steve Jobs.

Ask Ross Perot.

Ask any entrepreneur that has had a new product or idea.

It has changed lives forever.

Ask Serena Williams or Tiger Woods.

Ask Mark Hughes who started Herbalife.

The MLM Perspective Change.

The Power of one new thought can radically change a person's perspective of what can be done in an instant in MLM.

The mind is magnetized by new possiblities and new is the heart.

That is THE Power of recruiting! You need to deposit one new thought of the life that your prospect COULD have,and take them there in their mind. Make it real and vivid. let them "feel" it in their mind and heart!

"Imagine the feeling of...." is the Power phrase that can release any amount of excitement in a person's life.It can energize dead dreams and a loser's mindset.

Not having enough Success in recruiting?

Here is a thought:

Paint Word Pictures of a Network Marketing Lifestyle.

"Let the prospect think of what their life and future could be with a direct sales business...with vivid words of what they want to happen in their life, already happening...and then attach their heart to it.."

Then get the application ready....



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