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Reviews of Network Marketing Trainer Doug Firebaudh

Zig Ziglar Endorses MLM Trainer Doug Firebaugh

"Direct marketing is an exciting industry and I see that you are a big part of it. We're on the same page when it comes to realizing the importance of educating direct marketers and training them to be leaders, as well as to be passionate.

I appreciate the fact that you are sharing so much valuable information via your web sites and e-zines. See you at the top!"

Zig Ziglar
Ziglar Training Systems

"If you want to succeed in network marketing and you haven't been trained by Doug Firebaugh then you simply haven't been trained !

His enthusiasm will ignite you and his knowledge will propel you to success. In addition to all that, he's one of the people I trust most in this industry."

John P. Hayes, Ph.D.
Co-author with Zig Ziglar: Network Marketing For Dummies

"Continually working with stars like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Les Brown, I know incredible training when I see it.

Doug Firebaugh has some of the greatest, most powerful, and most unique training material I've ever seen.

Kyle Wilson
Jim Rohn International/ Dallas Texas

"Doug has been a valuable partner in moving our Leaders.

      -He knows the Lineage.
      -He talks their language.
      -He builds trust.
      -Even in large groups he can have some heart-to-heart talks
      -I would recommend him to anyone."

Dyan Lucero
JAFRA Cosmetics Intl

"Doug's fresh approach to the concepts of Network Marketing rate an A+ in my book.

After 31 years in this industry, I have heard about every approach to new marketing strategies there is, and I believe Doug hits a home run every time.

His training is full of untapped information and possibilities!"

Ben Johnson
NMD/First distributor
NSA/Juice Plus

"Wow! After 30 years in this industry, and currently with 550,000 distributors in my organization, I thought I'd heard it all. The training calls I've heard by Doug Firebaugh far surpassed my expectations, and were absolutely amazing. This guy is anointed, and his stuff is too good to miss!"

Ray Gebauer
Author of Your Treasure Map to Finding Your Treasure & Five Ways to Be a Millionaire 

“Knowing what to do, how to do it and believing you can succeed are the keys to networking success. Doug Firebaugh is one of the most exciting and committed teachers in our industry today. Doug’s trainings come from his heart and are based upon his real network marketing experiences. Doug breaks down seemingly difficult tasks into simple, understandable activities that anyone can follow. He has a unique ability to generate enthusiasm and to inspire one to believe in their own personal power. Anyone wanting to learn, grow and win would be well-served to listen to Doug Firebaugh!”

Dr. Corey Gold
ProJoba International

Doug's passion has spread like wildfire with our consultants! His engaging dialogue has ignited our consultants and given us an unalterable mindset for success. There IS no more room for mediocrity.

Because of Doug, our consultants now exude confidence, determination, and can tackle those fears which once held them back. Thank-you Doug!

Deborah M. Brolley
Future Independent Ntl.
Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

"Ever heard... It only takes a spark to get a fire burning?... Well Doug Firebaugh will not only create a spark in you - he will empower you into a Blazing Entrepreneur!

Doug's training is all about making connections with People, (which is what Network Marketing is), in a funny, simple, impactful, totally 'out of the box' fashion with HOT tactics!

You will never think the same after a seminar with the 'Burn King!' he is definitely the Human Torch... He will turn and burn your IMPOSSIBLEs into...I'M POSSIBLEs!"

Jackie Geisinger
Corporate Field Development Manager
Midwest Jafra Cosmetics
Hastings, MN

Doug teaches in a way that makes you love learning . With his help I have learned to excel in MLM. He is fun to work with and has a very sincere heart.

You start believing in yourself because you know that he believes in you. By the time you have been through his training, you have an "I can do it " attitude which leads you to success.

In my ten years of MLM I learned more from Doug in hours than I learned in all 10 years combined. He is the best trainer in the industry!

God Bless,
Mike Fritsch
V.P. Marketing

When Doug Firebaugh talks, network marketers stop and listen. He is an exceptional trainer with innovative and practical ideas that are easy to understand and apply!"

Brett Dabe
Founder, TEAM 24/7