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MLM NetworkMarketingTraining -Is MLM a REAL Business? The Business Perspective of What MLM is in Marketing


The Business Perspective-Network Marketing

We went over what MLM REALLY is as far as the Success let's cover ....

The Business Perspective……..

Simply...Network Marketing is a business that is about Marketing and Distribution.

You market Products through pseudo"Mini-Franchises" that when joined, contain the ability to distribute products to people...either Person to Person Marketing, or via shipments through the mail, UPS, or other channels of distribution to a persons home for delivery of products they have ordered from you... or from the company with your distributor number. ...

This is especially popular now with online ordering and Stores being created with a multitude of products!

Take a look at some of the most Popular companies...IBM, Microsoft,, Nike, Reebok, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Barnes and Noble, RCA, Lands End, and the list is endless.....

Let me ask you a question...

What do they all have in common concerning MLM?

Think about it......and it's the same thing ALL successful companies have in common...and what is that?

Multiple Channels of Product Distribution, and not keeping their product a Secret!

They ALL have set up numerous distribution outlets to market their products, and have constantly kept their name out in front of folks....(that is called "Name Branding....")

..Can we learn something from this?



In Network Marketing, you have the ability to Market product through
Multiple Distribution Channels(called a Downline), and not have to put up
the millions of Dollars it takes to introduce a Product into the Marketplace...and the other part of that we can learn from...Don't keep it a Secret!

You must utilize the Power of EXPOSURE to create the Interest in your products and Business that you want. People have to Know about it!!!!!!!

Let's take a Grocery Store chain...say...Safeway or Kroger....why do they have stores in so many cities and states?...To INCREASE EXPOSURE...which INCREASES SALES!!!!!!!..

They have found the Power of what we call "Multiple Unit Marketing"....The more number of exposure "Units"(outlets) you have out there, to move and sell product, the more your name will get out there to more people.....

Which will increase familiarity and sales..... and move more product through those retail outlets......

Thats why is on over 700,000 websites! Multiple Channels of Distribution...and "Exposure units".

The Power of Networked Distribution in MLM.

With MLM, you can do the same Marketing Strategy through the power of "Networked Distribution"...through Multiple Units as well...called Distributors! In effect...

What you have done is create a Network of "Distribution Channels" for your Product( a downline) which you can receive "Brokerage Royalties' or Overrides on that can be quite substantial...

And all that is… is taking the Best of Corporate Marketing, and Refining it into what we call "Personal Marketing".....each distributor is a Personal Marketer for the company with a chance to take Traditional Marketing ideas, and engage them in less than traditional ways.

The MLM Distribution Network.

And then can go out and build a Multiple Channel "Distribution Network," with hundreds for thousands of "Outlets" that can move and market products seamlessly....... That is "Networked" Marketing at it's best.....and can create an Incredible Revenue Source for many people.....through the movement and sale of products of all kinds.

To approach this Marketing Force as a Business is a MUST! Too many folks Do not...they approach it as a hobby, or just "Trying it".....which guarantees failure.....Every millionaire in MLM approached this Business as a Business and took nothing for granted...will you? Good question!


Network Marketing IS a business..a Powerful Business ...with Personal growth Fueling it...and Driving it Forward.


The Secret of this Business is to build a Framework and Structure of the "3 Cs".....

1) Build a Structure of CONSUMERS.

Create a Structure and Foundation of a Consumer base....and create a network of satisfied Customers...A Consumer Base is a MUST!

2) CONSTRUCT a Distribution Group or Framework of Distributors from your Base of Consumers with people who want to be a part of your business....and Construct it Solid!

3) CONTINUE building a CONSUMER Base, and CONSTRUCTING a Solid Group of "outlets", or Distributors, and then.......

LEAD them to the Captured Vision of their Hearts.......LEADERSHIP is the KEY to a SOLID and Long Lasting business in Network Marketing!

What Do I Consider with an MLM Company?


doug Firebaugh

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