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Volume 5

In MLM- So You're Totally Frustrated and You Wanna Quit?

Frustration can be a killer to your business. And rightfully so as we all go through the "MLM Funk" from time to time. You know, where you don't feel like doing anything, talk to anybody, and you are starting to doubt this business really works. At least for you...

You right now may be thinking that you want to do this business, but nothing is working. You seem to be working your rear end off. You make the calls, and nothing happens. You follow up and nothing happens. Your prospects disappear without a trace... You are thinking: "Can I REALLY do this Network Marketing business?" But yet you are BUSY. Busy at what?

There is a difference in MLM between EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE. The average distributor in this business is Efficient. But LEADERS in this business are EFFECTIVE. EFFICIENT we have heard is doing things right. And yes, you must do things right, or this business will not work as it should. EFFECTIVE is doing the right things and THEN doing them right. Most people in MLM never grow past Efficient(If they even grow at all). They work their enterprise the best they know how, and yet it seems to never really move that much. You seem to be doing everything right.

But the question is...are you doing the right things? There is only one thing we will ever get paid for in MLM. And that is COMMUNICATION. Simply: Your Job is to do one thing: Create EFFECTIVE Exposures, and a LOT of them. That's it for the new person, that is what you should focus on.

Here is a Radical Paradigm Shift for you:

Your job # 1 in your home business is NOT to sell!

Your job is NOT to recruit!

Your job is NOT to train.

Those are FRUITS of an EFFECTIVE Exposure. Those are what GROW and Blossoms from an EFFECTIVE MLM Exposure and Communication.. Your JOB #1 is to create an EFFECTIVE exposure about your business and products through magnetic communication,which attracts the prospect to take action. You may be BUSY, but busy at making ineffective Exposures, which are killing your business and your self esteem. And it it can be corrected so easily.

How to Create an Effective Exposure in MLM - The Psychology of Recruiting Training series

What creates an EFFECTIVE Exposure? Three things:

1) "IMPACT...." Your job is NOT of INFORM....but IMPACT. Most people who are BUSY and EFFICIENT focus on DETAILS. Facts. And the information. Folks who get rich in MLM create an IMPACT and they are not focused on Details, but Destiny. The prospect's destiny. They move the prospect on the inside by talking about what waits for their life and future on the outside. They are not focused on their paycheck but the PROSPECT's. And they are not focused on the Process as much as the Power of Change as they know they are in the LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS.(CLUE!)

2) "Emotional Connection"... You must create an Emotional Connection with the prospect. How? Simple. You focus on what they want to change for the better or add to in their life the most, and then show them how your business and products can help bring that into their life.(Did you GET THAT?) They must develop and emotional connection to the product, or the business, or you as a Leader and you must create the possibility that what their life is missing can be obtained through you and your company. And then show them how. With an EFFECTIVE Communication called a PRESENTATION...

3) "VALUE..." Let me ask you a question: Would you buy a car that had no value to you? Would you buy a house that had no value to you? Would you buy a pair of shoes that had no value to you? Of course not. Guess what? Your prospect will never start moving towards you as long as they don't see VALUE in what you are offering, what you are doing, and who you are. VALUE RULES SUPREMELY! You MUST show Value to the prospect in everything that you do and say. How? Find out what THEY VALUE in their life, and show them how your Business, Products, and YOU can help increase that in their life. I call it the "4 Major Wants of Lifestyle". People are looking today to "INCREASE, EXPAND, ENLARGE and EMPOWER their and their family's life". And you simply must show them how you can help them do that...

What are you spending your time doing in Networking? Selling? Recruiting? Training? Being BUSY? How about getting EFFECTIVE at Exposing your business and products, and let all of the above be a FRUIT of your actions, not the sole focus? If you do that, your results will blossom abundantly like fruit on a tree: a MONEY TREE! And your growth will be UNSTOPPABLE in this business.

blessings.... doug firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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