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Volume 10

What's the Size of Your Game?


It's not the size of the dog in the fight... It's the size of the fight in the dog!"
Doug's Mentor

Question: How bad do you really want to succeed in life? Think about bad? A little? A lot? Another question....Are you willing to fight for it? Are you willing to go the distance like you never have before, and bring out that fight in you and your MLM Business that has been beaten down for so long?

Do you realize the only fight you have with MLM and Success is yourself? That's it. (CLUE!!!!!) Remember this.... ALL Defeat comes from within.... Period. No exceptions. The only person who can stop you from becoming successful is YOU. YOU FIGHT YOU all day long with untruths about yourself that attracts failure and mediocrity like a magnet on steroids.The words you say...the thoughts you think...The words others say and you believe....your Past which you cling to... and the excuses you have embraced.

But yet you want more out of life......

Do you know what FIGHT stands for?

Forcing Inside Garbage [to] Honor Truth (Especially in Network Marketing!)

The truth about you...the truth about what your Creator wants for your life...the truth about the greatness inside of you and the Fight that is starving to Pummel mediocrity and failure to smithereens... It's know it's just dormant..

Resource for Success in Life: Getting ready for W.A.R.- Winning the Success Battle!

Increase the size of the fight in you and your MLM business and face the truth about yourself...There is a Bigger YOU inside that can create a destiny and future that's staggering if you let it, and let the Fighting Spirit in you refuse to give up or be denied....

He did. He came home, slammed the books down on the table, ran upstairs, slammed the door and broke down and cried. It was his 10th grade year. His mother came in, and said…"Son...what's wrong?" Through a 15 year's old broken heart, he said-" I got cut...I didn't make the team...said I was too small." With incredible wisdom, the mother said. "Son, it's not the size of the person in the game... it's the size of the game... in the person." She left.

It clicked. In a huge way. Like nothing had ever before. The next morning...It started. He got up at 4:30 am and started practicing... every morning... every evening.... every day... every week..... every month.... relentless..... nonstop... His Fight had Ignited... he would not be denied.

Through the…hail... He kept practicing... gave up movies... and things that he did before....The Fight kept getting bigger. And bigger. And Bigger. And he kept saying... "It's not the size of the player in the game... but the size of the game in the player..." Over and Over and Over .......And then it came around again...The Season.

He tried out... with a focus so strong that it intimidated even the coach. His Fight was at Peak Force. And he made the team....The next year he made the team.... And he went on to Explode the fight in him to where no one dared to stop him....

His name? Michael Jordan.

What's the size of your Network Marketing game?


Doug Firebaugh / PassionFire® International

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