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Volume 8

So Your MLM Downline Isn't Doing Anything?

We all go through it... the inevitable.... we get some folks in our group... and we get all excited... and we think, "This is gonna ROCK!"

And they turn into a Rock. Lifeless. Listless. Immovable. Set there. Duds. All of them.

Sound familiar? And you get to the point that you want to scream...AAAGGGHHHH! Been there? Well...I've got some good news and some not so good news. The not so good news is it's partly your fault. The good news is that it can be fixed in a lot of cases.

There are what we at PassionFire call the "5 Downline Reality Questions"...and they reveal what you really need to take a look at when this happens. It is "looking at the mirror" of your business, and your MLM Leadership. Many times, we try to "shave off' the reality of this business, and not LOOK at what is creating the results your group is producing, or not producing.

HEAT Secret:

If you are in Network Marketing, it WILL happen to you in some shape or form. It's all part of Leadership in this business. .As a Leader, and sometimes it's tough being the Leader you need to be, you must ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself...I taught this in our group and sometimes we are more focused on blaming others for our weaknesses than ourselves...

"I have a weak downline!" "I have a bunch of Losers..." "I cannot believe I lucked out with such a sorry downline..."

I have heard it all. And even said some myself. We all get frustrated in this business and it is the Leader that is not afraid to ask these questions that can turn it around in a lot of instances...Here they are:

1) "What are you NOT doing?" A lot of times, we look at what our downline is NOT doing, and not us. And in reality, they are duplicating us. We get into a "management" mode, and expect the folks to go out while we sit on our "butts".

HEAT Secret:

It's the "buts" in this business that will kill you! Are YOU Prospecting? Are YOU Contacting? Are YOU doing Presentations? Are YOU Following Up? Are YOU Getting the Decisions? Are YOU Training your people? Are YOU providing a growth Environment for your folks? Are YOU sitting on YOUR Behind too? Take a look at what YOU are NOT doing, and then see if you have been duplicated. In most have!

2) "What is Missing?" What is missing in the Success Formula? Prospects? Activity? Focus? Belief? Follow Up? Resiliency? Does your downline have adequate training? Does your downline have adequate support from you? Does your downline have the Tools they need? Does your downline have the system they need to recruit? Does your downline SEE YOU and HEAR YOU in All Out Massive Action YOURSELF? Oh...I are too busy "helping" your downline to LEAD THEM.

HEAT Secret:

You LEAD in this business by setting the Success Model and Path and Role so they can do what you do....Are they missing in their business what you are? Most of the time, when a downline is NOT doing anything, what is missing is NOT them getting off their behinds, or getting them to DO More. It is your....LEADERSHIP.

3) "Do they have 'Focus Targets'"?What is that? Anything that Focuses your group to work towards something. It is a Target to shoot at and aim for...It can be: An Event....NOTHING focuses distributors like a Major Event...

HEAT Secret:

It gives them a REASON to focus and energize their activity...A Major Conference call... These are HOT! Schedule one with a successful upline or someone from corporate, and have them congratulate the up and coming stars. How about a National Conference?

HEAT Secret:

If you can get someone to a National Conference, they will be a YEAR ahead in this business than where they are now... I know from experience...

HEAT Secret:

This is a business of "Event Marketing..."You market all events as the most IMPORTANT event...whether conference calls, or Live Super Weekend events...or the weekly event...Those that understand that and engage it get incredibly successful...

HOT MLM Leadership Training Resource- "Unleashing the Leadership in Your Downline"

4)"Are you 'locking arms' or 'letting go'"? If you are going to get your group must Ignite the Fire...

HEAT Secret:

Average distributors in MLM recruit someone and WAIT for something to happen. Leaders in this business recruit someone and MAKE something happen! You need to Lock Arms and get into the trenches with your people and create a Sense of "Success Destiny" in this business. NOT Let Go of them after on training and expect them to figure it out. Paint Word pictures of Success in their minds and keep them there! Create a "Power Path" for them. A Step by Step Pattern to follow. ALL PassionFire training is based on a Sequential Model of Success.

HEAT Secret:

If left to figure out this business...95% of your folks won't. Have you left them to figure it out, or locked arms with them to create figures on a paycheck?

5) "Are you making them Co-Dependent?" A lot of "Leaders" in this business need to be the "star" and do everything that needs to be done for their people. And what happens is. They become not INDEPENDENT, but Co-Dependent., on each other. You need them to make you feel like a star, and they need you to create them a paycheck and do the business.

HEAT Secret:

There IS a REASON why the agreement you signed is called the "Independent Distributor" agreement...

Here is a MILLION DOLLAR Secret:

The Wealthy in this business create and develop Independence IN their people. And then they stand behind the spotlight and keep it aimed ON their people...DID YOU GET THAT? Read it again!

You must through Leadership foster and build Independence in your group...that is why we have the Leadership programs and Tape Re-Sources to train you on how to create an OnFire Army of Independent Maniacs that go out and Ignite the World while you lead them to Success! That is why we put together Targeted Trainings, to ignite YOU daily as well as your group and train you on leadership...

That is why we put together the HEAT Training Pages together on the site That is why we provide the Links section on this site! That is why we provide Turn Up The HEAT Training Calls! That is why we are constantly letting you know about new PassionFire trainings... To STOKE the Fire! What better scenario can you have?

If your downline is not doing can do 2 things....

1) You can provide the Leadership and Support they need and then get in the trenches and work with those who DESERVE it....


2) If you have done that, and they still are lifeless...Go get NEW PEOPLE!

HEAT Secret:

It is a whole lot easier to give birth...Then raise the dead.


Doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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