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Volume 6

In MLM - Hold Back & Remain In Front


"Have more than thou showest... speak less than thou knowest..." William Shakespeare


Ego. Know anyone that has a big one?

As one of my mentors, Ben Johnson, 5 billion dollar producer, NSA, says:

"Ego is a reverse disease... the person that has it is not sick, but it makes everybody else around him sick!"

Ol' Willy knew what he was talking about when he wrote that quote... It's called "Don't show all your cards in the game of life. Hold something back, so you will have an extra ace or two to play when you need it."

Why would someone want to not let people know how wonderful they are?

Simple... When you blow your own horn, it can be heard as a sour note to some people...and in some instances, totally off key... When someone else blows your horn...sounds like a symphony to many people, and they can enjoy and appreciate your results and achievements as a Leader in MLM and Network Marketing.

Resource for learning Leadership in MLM- Unleashing the Leader in You

Wanna know a HUGE Secret to make that happen? Focus on helping people obtain their short term goals, and then when they blow their horn! And they will be so appreciative; they will somewhere down the line make sure people hear about your Leadership Success when it comes. Humility is a good thing, as it really is endearing...

As a friend of mine says..." Silence is great with people... makes them wonder what you've been up to!"

Also, holding back and not revealing what you know is not a sign of weakness... but of Wisdom. Some of the wisest people that ever walked earth were the kind of people that were Listeners... (CLUE!!!!!) And you can learn a whole lot more by listening to others than hearing yourself talk.

You already know what you are saying.... Stay back sometimes in conversation and ask questions and let others talk about themselves and their success, and you just smile and listen, and congratulate them... Then when they find out later what YOU have accomplished, it will have 3 times the impact.... And create a great image of strength and power that you may not have had before...

Keep something will keep you out front.


Doug Firebaugh / PassionFire International

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