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"MLM SUCCESS-The BLAZING Top 52 MLM Success Tips - Part 2 " by Doug Firebaugh


MLM Success training for Massive MLM Success- - Part Two of The Blazing Top 52 MLM SUCCESS Tips” that will set your Network Marketing and MLM Business OnFIRE! Time tested tactics that will set you apart from the average Network Marketer, and keep your business stoked and totally ABLAZE! Bookmark this page and refer back to it! Send it to your Team and SET THEIR BUSINESS ABLAZE!!! 

Here are the next set of 26 tips of the BLAZING Top 52 MLM SUCCESS Tips:

27) “In MLM Success, Objections are either stumbling blocks, or building blocks."

Objections in network marketing are either blocks to build Success, or blocks to block Success. You MUST learn how to neutralize objections, or they will neutralize your paycheck.

28) “With MLM Success, never play Verbal Judo with Objections or prospects."

Objections are something that actually are building tools for your MLM business. But you NEVER argue or play verbal judo with them. Always respect their right to disagree. And always thank them for bring the objection up.

Resource to learn more: "Getting Ready for W.A.R."- winning the MLM Success Battle!

29) “IN MLM Success, the easiest way to neutralize objections are to thank them, agree with them, and then gently show them a differing perspective."

All MLM and Network Marketing objections can be a great tool to build. It is a 3 step process that works. Thank, Agree, and Show. It is that simple. Try it. You will be surprised how it works.

30) “For MLM Success, when you approach someone, be agenda less. Don't have the idea you are going to sell or recruit. Have the idea that you are going to EXPLORE what is best for them."

Make sure that your prospect is feeling the right thing. If you come across like you are a heat seeking missile out to recruit them they will close up. Just approach someone with the idea that this is an Exploration, and you are simply going to explore what is best for your prospect, whether it is product, business, or neither.

31) “With MLM Success, an Approach is NOT a Presentation.

An approach is simply "reaching out" and nothing more. It is NOT a presentation about the company, products, or comp plan. Many folks seem to want to "spill the beans" when approaching. Don't. Simply start a conversation and do the presentation if they have an interest at a a later time. Yes, if they ask to see one, by all means, go right ahead!

32) “To build MLM Success, don't be an "Attack Recruiter."

Don't be an Attack Recruiter, and a Bait and Switch artist. Give your prospect some respect, and work your way into a conversation about your business and products. After a little bit of conversation, say "You know, I have run across the most amazing thing...have you ever heard of ABC product?"

33) "MLM Success will show up, if you become Magnetic by relaxing the prospect, and building a Bridge of Trust.

Goal Number One: RELAX the prospect. Get them comfortable. Get them talking about their life and their dreams. And become a MASTER LISTENER. Be so engaged in what they are saying, nothing else matters. Build a bridge of Trust by listening, and showing nothing but interest in them. This will relax both you and the prospect.

Resource to learn more: Power Secrets to Becoming a Recruiting Magnet”.

34) “For MLM Success. make the approach a question."  

When you approach a person with a statement, it has a tendency to raise red flags. Approach them with a question. That will draw them towards you,and create curiosity.

35) 80% of all Success in MLM Success is ENERGY. But not hype." 

What people feel from you will either magnetize them, or repel them. Your energy will either work for you, or against you. It is much like a bell curve. Too little energy promotes apathy. Too much energy promotes hype. Be in the middle, and raise your energy level a little as you go. The prospect will follow your lead step by step.

36) "With MLM Success, you MUST know the Golden Rule of Communication in MLM Success."

Get familiar with this Rule: First People FEEL, then they HEAR! What are they FEELING from you? Hope and Dreams or Doubt and Worry? Get your business in MOTION with the right EMOTION!

37) MLM Success is more about Failure than Success.

You read that right. Millionaires in this industry all have one thing in common: They were willing Failures at first, to build the Success that lasts. (READ THAT AGAIN!) You MUST be willing to fail, as you build your will to win. It is the setbacks and the devastations that build Success in MLM. be willing to fail, but then get up, and keep going. That is the secret.

Resource for more information: PF HEAT Training Letter

38) “MLM Success is about a riveting presentation with a magnetic story."

What makes a riveting presentation? Get the prospect involved. Ask lot of questions. Let them answer. Let them hold the product if you are there. Let the audience raise their hands. Keep focused on engaging the prospect as you present. And tell a story about what the products have done, and make it emotional. Then ask them if they know anyone that they can relate to that story.

39) “MLM Success is NOT about dumping, but presenting one bite at a time."

The MLM presenter many times gets out the dump truck, backs it up to the prospect, and then unloads a TON of information on them. NOT! The prospect is NOT a landfill. Present the information one bite size piece at a time, and give them a chance to digest it. Too much info will turn the prospect off. And they will be thinking, "Do I have to learn ALL THIS?"

40) “In MLM Success, in your presentation, use what we call Value Building Statements."

There are what we call Value Building Statements that can ROCK a presentation! Ones like, "What this means to you is..." or "What this can do for you is..." or "This means this to you..." or "How your family will benefit is..." or "The value to you and your family is..."

41) “MLM Success is about doing a presentation that IMPACTS people FIRST, then informs them second."

What creates IMPACT? Touching what people Value and hold dear, with the Hope of Increasing it and making it Larger in their life. Find out what people VALUE in their life, then wrap your presentation around it. "This will help you have more time wi ht your children" or "This will allow you to give more money to your church," or "This will guarantee you having more control over your future."

42) “MLM Success is NOT about YOUR Success."

You need to learn this: People do NOT care about your Success, it is ALL ABOUT THEIR Potential Success. Yes, you need a good personal testimonial, but down play it and make your Success a STRONG possibility for your prospect or new leader, and then show them that you will work hard to help them achieve it. It is NOT about You, but all about THEM. If an ego needs stroking, stroke their ego, not yours.

Resource for more Recruiting Tools: The Entrance Recruiting CD and MLM Prospecting Tool

43) “MLM Success contains the Voltage Power of HOPE and DREAMS. That is your Power outlet to plug the prospect or downline into MLM Success Electricity."

The most powerful thing you can do to a prospect or downline, is make their dream real. We used to carry brochures of cars, exotic vacations, resorts, boats, million dollar homes, and pictures of enjoying life with us. And we were constantly reminding the prospect or downline what they were working so hard for. We showed the pictures to them. And we also reminded ourselves of what we were working for. Plug them into the HOPE of a bigger car or home, a lifestyle of TOTAL freedom, and let them look at pictures of what it looks like, and feels like.

44) " MLM Success is NOT about just following up, but RECONNECTING the DREAM."

This little tip works like crazy. When you are calling someone back, have the focus that you are simply reconnecting that prospect to the dream they shared with you. "I really enjoyed our last conversation about the new home you were dreaming about. What a beautiful home that would be. I saw one similar yesterday in a homes magazine." This will ge them focused BACK and RECONNECTED to the Emotion that their dream carries. THEN you are back to where you need to be to talk further.

45) "MLM Success is about LIVE Events for the distributor, and prospect."

People in MLM MUST do Live event. It can be a Saturday training, or Regional training, or a simple web cast. But you MUST do these for one reason: It ENERGIZES the base, and also the prospect to take action.

46) “MLM Success is NOT about Closing. It is about OPENING."

What is the lat word in CLOSE? Lose. And that is the way many distributors look at closing. If they don't close the prospect, they have lost. Let's shift paradigms. You don't need to close. You need to OPEN possibilities to the prospect, and OPEN a future that they have only been dreaming about. Open their minds and heart to what CAN BE, not just what is.And after you do that, and If they tell you no, it is not you that is closed, but the prospect is. They are closed to creating their Dreams and building a life of Success. They live a life of permanent hope, not Powerful success.

47) "MLM Success is about one word: YOU."

People are looking for someone to recognize and praise their efforts. The word YOU pays attention to that person, and drives value to their life in ways we could never comprehend. Their name is also a Value Drive. Use the word You a lot, and you will become a pied piper.

48) “MLM Success is about 2 words: I Understand."

People today want to be understood. They wan to feel like they matter. And the greatest 2 words you can say, are "I understand." Agree with them in part, by jumping over to their side of the fence, and seeing it from their perspective. You may not totally agree with their view, but you can understand it, and that will go a long way to connecting you to that prospect. Understand first, then take a stand second, with that in mind.

49) “MLM Success is about 3 Words: Yes you can."

There are people out in the world that have never really succeeded at much of anything. They have built a "Doubt Wall" around them, and it is tough to penetrate. But these two words can. "Yes you can" are three words that are music to people's ears. When they realize that someone is telling them they can do it, and will help them, it turns on a Fire that will burn a hole in that Wall of Doubt, and then, they can walk through to freedom.

50) "MLM Success is about 4 words: I BELIEVE in you."

Many people today go through their whole life without hearing these words. You become the beacon of hope that they are looking for. And if they do not believe in themselves, "Lean on my belief while we are building yours."

Resource for more information: “Objections Course 101- Neutralizing ANY Objection with Ease."

51) "MLM Success is about 5 words: Let us do this together."

People are looking for partnership in this business. When you say these words, it does one thing: REASSURES them. And that is what people are looking for- reassurance you will be there, and help them. Together is another way of saying, "To Gather." That is what you will do if you say that word- gather lots of Success.

52) “MLM Success is about NEVER, NEVER, NEVER giving up, giving in, giving out, or giving way. It is about GIVING MORE!"

Here is a Billion Dollar Secret: When you feel like giving up- GIVE MORE! When you feel like giving in- GIVE MORE! When you feel like giving out- GIVE MORE! when you feel like giving way- GIVE MORE! Give more heart, focus, effort, time, belief, and action! You WILL Succeed in MLM!

MORE= Maximizing Openly (the) Resolve (to) ENGAGE!

Maximize your RESOLVE, and ENGAGE daily, and you will start seeing in your business and life, massive MLM Success.


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