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by Doug Firebaugh


The Ultimate MLM Recruiter.

How good of a Network Marketing recruiter are you? Honestly? That is a question that many people answer with "I am not sure," or "I am a great recruiter! It's just people don't seem to see it when I talk with them!"

Is it easy for you to sponsor people or difficult? Many people struggle needlessly in this business. And many people find it difficult to talk to other people about something that can change their life. Are you one of those?

Is it a struggle to recruit for you? Or somewhere in between?

Do you even sometimes forget to mention your business when talking to people? Many people do. I did for several years. So many times, I would say to myself, "Shoot! I did not mention my business to them!" Ever happen to you? But over time, there were many things that I was blessed to learn that exploded our business and volume.

After 20 years in this MLM industry, you have a tendency to learn some things if you pay attention. And after observing for quite some time, and the experience of our own team when I was actively recruiting, we found that there are certain things that are done daily that highly successful MLM recruiters do. We did them for years, and it made all the difference between a great year and an incredible year.

You would be well served to take note and even copy what the hugely successful network marketing recruiters do.


Most great Network Marketing sponsors have done some things to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN, instead of waiting for something to happen as many mlm distributors do.

Making something happen is the number one trait of all MLM Super Recruiters, and that is what this test is about. To see where you are as far as positioning yourself to make something happen everday, with a few tactics that have proven to produce hundreds of millions in volume. These tactics can explode any downline, and any paycheck if applied and engaged.

The Network Marketing Recruiting Score.

Let's take a test. Let's go through some questions that are to the point, but yet can teach you some HOT things to do everyday to enlarge your Network Marketing recruiting. These are tactics we engaged everyday wrapped around questions and they were incredible in producing results that can make a HUGE difference in your bank account.

Score yourself 1-5 on each question. 1 being "rarely done" and 5 being "always done" and then 2-4 being somewhere in the middle. When you finish, add your score up.

The top score is a 35. That is HOT!

If you score that, you are positioned for MASSIVE MLM Recruiting Success. A score of 30 is good, but needs a little work. A score of 25 is fair, and a score of 20 or below is "you have some SERIOUS work to do!"

See where you are with each question:

1) Do you take brochures with you wherever you go?

This is a tactic that produced millions in volume. It gives you an excuse to talk to someone, it reminds you to talk to folks, and also is a confidence builder as you let the brochure be your silent presenter if the occasion arises. Simply take a brochure with you wherever you go. We called it "the left hand's 6th finger." We had it constantly in our left hand and had thousands ask us about the brochure, and we never said a word. It is called "Silent Recruiting." We were silently displaying what we did for a living and being "visible in the marketplace.".

2) Do you engage 2 new conversations a day with 2 new people for the first time?

2 conversations a day should be the minimum you do as far as recruiting. There are so many people out there to talk to, and talking to 2 everyday should be a cakewalk. If you practice this, you will have talked to over 700 people a year. And you probably will sell 20% of those a product and recruit 5-8% of them. That would be 140 new customers a year and about 40 new mlm distributors a year. NOT BAD!

3) Do you list the 2 people everyday that you plan on calling?

This is a million dollar habit. Make a list every weekend of the 2 people you plan on talking to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. Then call them on that day. This gives you direction, and a plan to make something happen. It also focuses you to a LASER focus, and you know EXACTLY what ytou are to do for the week as far as contacting new people.

4) Do you hand out 2 recruiting tools a day for new exposures?

Tools help bridge the gap between inexperience and experience. Tools also are totally duplicable and say the same thing every time. Plus it FOCUSES you to make something happen that is easy and brief. We have an MLM Recruiting Tool called "The Entrance" Recruiting CD that is SCORCHING HOT for a generic 7 minute talk on where people are in the world, and The Entrance they walk through everyday that determines their Success, and where they CAN BE in life, if they choose the right Entrance to their day. It is a great recruiting tool for your Home Business . For more Info:

5) Do you do a minimum of 2 three ways a day?

Three ways are the single greatest tool you have in recruiting, and you should learn to MASTER them. If you are not doing three way calling, then you are working this business handicapped. Three ways are the MASTER TOOL in Network Marketing, and you should master this process with your people. It can help you EXPLODE your recruiting, and 2 a day is a MUST.

6) Do you make it a point to see and be aware of who is around you wherever you are?

The easiest way to turn your MLM Recruiting Radar on, is everywhere you go, carry either a brochure or cd with you. This will not only PROMPT you to be more aware of who is around you, but also give you an excuse to give it to someone. This will help you develop the habit of being AWARE of who is in your MLM Recruiting Environment. Many people are around you daily people that could ROCK this business, but yet, are never talked to by you because of a lack of focus.


7) Do you carry product -- or information/free trial about your services -- in your car that you plan on marketing and selling to people?

MLM Millionaires I have found all have product in the car all the time in case they run into the "right one." And if you market services and not tangible products, many folks I know carry with them a way to show how their service works, or a tool that does. It is called show and tell. And you should be ready to show and tell anytime, anywhere, with anybody. This will help you tremendously with your exposure rate.


How did you turn out?

Did you pass the MLM Recruiting Test?

35 is Excellent.
30 is Good.
25 is Fair.
22 or below is Poor.

Take a look at what you need work on, and see if you can get yourself in a better position to recruit, and tell your story to people. The higher the score you have, the better positioned action wise and psychologically you are to create Success in MLM.

You also need to understand that every question and tactic is a PROMPTER that prompts you to DO SOMETHING in the marketplace, and if you continue to do those things, they will become
million dollar habits.

Put yourself in the mind set and position to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN, instead of waiting for something to happen, like so many do in MLM and Network Marketing Recruiting.

Blessings….Doug Firebaugh

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